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The unelected in NH

Unelected decision makers are ruining our state and many towns in NH, including Hampton. The recently passed budget hands off more power to them. Organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and unauthorized state departments, for example, the Department of Energy. More state departments, employees, & pensions make it less affordable for granite staters to remain living here. Those special interests want us out so they can fool all the newcomers and those not paying REAL attention.

A Concord Housing Appeals Board is not only repugnant to the state constitution, it is not the way to make NH housing more affordable. The government out of our lives & property is how to accomplish the task. If local boards are not protecting individuals' property rights, then they must be ousted by the people who voted them in!

In actuality, there is no level of government that has any authority over your property. Read the state constitution & WAKE UP! Help save the #livefreeordie Please check out

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