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“We must build entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems.” - Klaus Schwab

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Thanks to the John Birch Society and their work done specifically in Maine about the Northern Border Regional Commission.

This United Nations (UN) controlled agenda is exactly what NH Governor Sununu and the establishment on both sides are the isle are all about (McCarthy, McConnell, Romney, Bush, Ryan, Haley, Shaheen, Bolduc, Morse, Ayotte, and, Hassan, this list goes on). They are paid to be all about this global takeover using the UN and sympathetic non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Did you know that NH is represented by Governor Sununu in the Northern Border Regional Commission (an unelected, without the consent governmental body).

"Who Represents New Hampshire on the Commission?

The Granite State is represented on the Commission by Governor Chris Sununu who, with the Governors of New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York, collectively prioritize applications. They, along with the Federal Co-Chair, approve NBRC funding requests.


Governor Sununu is represented on the NBRC by his chosen Alternate, Taylor Caswell, Commissioner of the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs. Commissioner Caswell assigns most NBRC partnership duties to Steve Fortier, of the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs.

The NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs (BEA), in coordination with New Hampshire State Program Manager, is available to assist eligible communities and organizations located within the State’s NBRC defined region. Entities interested in applying for NBRC funding are strongly encouraged to connect with BEA via our technical assistance and capacity building portal which can be accessed here." New Hampshire | Northern Border Regional Commission (

Local Government for Sustainability - 35 U.S. Cities and County Leaders

See funding opportunities offered by the NH Department of Energy (another unelected, without the consent governmental body).  Funding Opportunities | NH Department of Energy

Do you get it yet?

In summary.

The government of NH is allowing their local planning boards to be run by the UN and select NGOs. 

Federal fund contingencies. 

Thanks again to the John Birch Society for their presentation "The Great Reset in Maine,"

learn more at

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