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What now NH?

Now it is time we tell the NH politicos enough is enough regarding our elections.

We the people want all elections in the state of NH to be in accordance with the constitution of this state, this includes repealing RSA 656:40, adoption of electronic ballot counting devices. Said statute was created under the color of the law and is repugnant to the state constitution. Allowing college students and same day registrants to vote in NH elections is also repugnant to the state constitution.

The federal government may not impose any voting laws onto the state, it is the state's right to adopt its own election laws. We the people demand a Governor and an Executive Council that will not succumb to the federal government, its mandates, and its dollars. This printed debt comes with strings attached, not to mention its effects on taxpayers; cost of gas, utilities, and food to name just a few.

We the people must unite and demand this.

The time has already passed us by.

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